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Three years ago, we played together for the first time, without rehearsing, at a local home brewing competition. We're now recording a full-length studio album (available this summer) and playing live regularly in music venues and breweries around New England. We've played with some great acts, like The Mallett Brothers Band, Kingsley Flood, and Tigerman Whoa!

Scott Bradley: Guitar
David Brown: Guitar, Mandolin
Mike Enos: Bass
Mike McKenna: Guitar, Banjo
Dave O'Neil: Drums
ocals by committee


Instagram: @mtnwknd


Our debut album, "Autumn," is available for pre-sale now at PledgeMusic. Please feel free to partner with us to bring this record to vinyl, Spotify, iTunes and more by pre-ordering it (or any of the other great stuff we have online there). 


Please contact us with the form below. If you'd like to grab a copy of our press kit, please just let us know and we'll provide you with the secret password. 

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