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waterbury 8/17
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Alburgh 8/19
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ABOUT Mountain Weekend


Mountain Weekend plays roots music and loves vocal harmony. 
Our sound is characterized by a blend of Appalachian influence, 
punk rock youth and very deep Christian roots.


Vocals, Banjo, Guitar / Mike McKenna
Mandolin, Guitar, Vocals / Dave Brown
Slide, Guitar, Vocals / Scott Bradley
Bass, Vocals / Mike Enos
Drums, Vocals / Dave O'Neil



2017 Dates



Ten Tracks
We were able to get everything done on the tracking front. Now, our sessions are in the capable hands of Messrs. Dana Reed Thurston and David Roy for mixing.

Mike, Dave, Mike, Scott at Poultrygeist

Mike, Dave, Mike, Scott at Poultrygeist


Please contact us with the form below. If you'd like to grab a copy of our press kit, please just let us know and we'll provide you with the secret password. 

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